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The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients.

They do a great job with your nails. I usually have a spa mani/pedi and it always turns out amazing. I love the scented oil selection they have. What I love more than the terrific nail job is the very friendly atmosphere they have. The second time I went there was a month after my first time, and everybody remembered my name. Not only me, but they know every customer by name. Great service, great people!

After trying 3 nail salons on my own, in search of a decent pedicure. I decided to try my girlfriend’s nail spa. Finally, a great pedicure. My nail tech (Maria) gave me the best spa pedicure ever (good foot rub). She’s a bit shy and I had a hard time understanding her, but she is trying.  I also got a spa manicure too because it was a Wed. They have a $10 off special on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Anyway, I like this place because they don’t use the blade to remove your dry skin. (Not callous) Clean, professional but warm. Good music, yummy snacks, friendly staff and clientele. Oh btw call and book ahead they are very busy.

This place is fabulous. It is welcoming, incredibly clean, and I’ve never had a bad experience. All the nail techs are friendly and talkative (but not too chatty!) I’m lucky I live so close, but if I move, I will definitely go the distance for this salon!

Yep -this place is slightly pricier -but it worth every-single-penny!!  Hmm .. where do I start -everything is great! The people, the beverages, the non-chip gel manicure, the snacks, the service, the ambiance — did I mention the people?

My nail tech is very sweet and talkative (but not overly talkative so you would wish she would be quiet).  She did a very good job for both the regular manicure and non-chip gel manicure.

Everybody here -and I mean, everybody – is very sweet and helpful and friendly -yet very professional.  They would actually recommend you what would be best for your nails- explain to you the advantage and disadvantage of different services -but not at all trying to sell you anything that you do not desire.

Seems like they have a large number of regular clientele.  I’m pretty certain that they only take clients by appointment only — that’s how busy they are!

I have yet to try their pedicure (once the weather get warms up -I’ll be the first one on their booking list!!)


Check back often for Specials!